Guest to Member Road Map


Pathway to Membership:

  • NEW Birth Experience
    • Baptism in Jesus Name
    • Holy Spirit baptism
      • GOSPEL Bible study 
  • Bible Study—either individual or in a group–ask for a bible study on this website 
  • Home Group-led by a VWC member in a home 
  • Membership MODULE:
    • CLASS 101 Welcome Class –2 hours—Taught by Pastor Hughes—Basic membership
    • CLASS 201 & 301: Basic Discipleship Training Course— 16 weeks—85% attendance requirement
    • Complete VWC Church Membership Application
    • Aptitude Test for Finding Your Place & Purpose in the Kingdom at VWC


  • Revival by Design COURSE 1: Evangelism MODULE 
    • CLASS 1A Intermediate Discipleship Training Course—6 months—85% attendance requirement PLUS 30+ hours in practicum
    • CLASS 1B Intermediate Discipleship Training Course–4 months–85% attendance requirement PLUS 40 hours in practicum 


  • RBD Course 2: Advanced Training Courses—variable in length—must have all pre-requisites completed to continue training courses
The first step might be a bible study, a home group or baptism in Jesus name! You might also consider the Welcome to Victory class which is taught by Pastor Hughes on a rotating basis. 
Introduction to Membership at VWC