First United Pentecostal Church was established in September 1970 by Rev. Billy Hudson, who purchased what became the first location at 1921 E. Hartford in Ponca City. Rev. Hudson pastored the First UPC for five years, giving way to Rev. Larry McCuan, who served the next fifteen years as pastor.

In August of 1990 Rev. Rick A. Hughes was appointed pastor of First UPC. At the time there were only two regular members of the church, and the facilities were in gross disrepair. Many renovation projects were completed over the next few years. Throughout the decade of the 90’s First UPC experienced great revival and saw membership swell to upwards of 70, making the facilities inadequate for future expansion. In September 2000 the congregation voted to sell the property on Hartford and purchase an office complex on Hubbard Road, which sat on 2.5 acres on the north boundary of Ponca City. A great deal of remodeling was required to modify the existing structure into a church complex. Sunday, December 10, 2000 was the Grand Opening for the new church complex, which was more than three times the size of the former facilities, with plenty of room fo future growth.

At the time of the move from Hartford to Hubbard the congregation elected to change the name of the church to Victory Tabernacle, to better reflect the identity of the church. The purpose was simple: We are people of Victory, we serve a God of Victory, and we want people in the Ponca City area to come and enjoy Victory with the Victory church family.

Continual growth on Hubbard led the church to seek larger facilities. God performed many miracles in order for the congregation to sell the Hubbard complex and purchase a much larger existing church facility in September 2006 at 618 E. Hartford, right in the heart of the city. These new facilities were nearly three times the size of the Hubbard facilities and provided much needed room for growth and expansion. A buyer purchased the Hubbard property before the congregation ever put it for sale, and before the congregation could come to an agreement on the Hartford property. The church family knew from the start it was a “God thing!”

At the time of the move from Hubbard to Hartford the congregation voted to modify the name of the church to Victory Worship Center. Victory continues to grow and expand and influence the community.