What’s next for me?

At VWC, our desire and constant goal is for people to be in a continual growth pattern. To this end, we are working on a document that will help you understand where you are in the process of perpetual growth.

We understand there are several levels of growth within the church body structure:
the crowd–the people who attend VWC on an occasional basis, maybe once or twice a quarter. We are thrilled for these people who show up and make the body of believers so GLAD that they came! We are always looking for those on the fringes to come closer and become a part of the congregation…the next step.

the congregation–the people who attend VWC on a regular basis but not yet decided to be committed to a local body of believers. These are perhaps enrolled in VWC’s discipleship classes that meet on Sunday’s at 8:50 am. After these classes, many take the next step–the committed!

the committed–faithful church members who attend the majority of weekly services including an hour in the prayer room each week for their “Weekly Appointment with God,” give of their finances consistently and serve the body in at least one primary area of ministry. These faithful folks can be counted on in almost every occasion to be present and to work as hard as necessary to complete their task. The next step is the core which depends largely on a person’s commitment to daily disciplines such as prayer and bible reading, personal holiness, integrity, submission to the leaders of the church and most importantly, to God. Character qualities are essential at this next level of involvement.

the core–completely sold-out believers who make up the ministry team, teaching staff, worship leaders, etc. This level of believers are completely committed to the VISION of the church, faithful to ALL church services, prayer appointments each week and as well as making sure they are covering the body of believers in prayer on a daily basis. These people are not perfect as no one except Jesus is, but they are striving to lead blameless lives before their church body, community of Ponca City and ultimately their God.

We are the CONNECTING church. We’d love to see you and your family connected to our local church by faithfully attending as many events in a week as possible. We feel that church services are important because you and your family experience:
1. Fellowship with other Christians
2. Corporate worship and praise
3. Opportunities for prayer and to receive Bible teaching and preaching
4. Encouragement in times of need
5. Refocus on our priorities in life

Read Hebrews 10:24 about the importance of church attendance!

Great things happen at church–especially at Victory!