In-Person Church Service Guidelines

  • We will begin in-person services (May 17th) with Sundays only, with Wednesday midweek continuing online only for the time being. 
  • There will be no classes or nursery, and the Sanctuary will be the only part of the church we will utilize.
  • The worship and sermon will last no more than one hour. 
  • We are asking everyone with family present to sit with their family in one grouping of chairs.
  • Every other row will be intentionally kept empty to give a space. Outside of families sitting together, there will be a minimum of 3 empty chairs between people. 
  • Practice social distancing at all times – the 6 foot rule. Please be conscious of your surroundings and respectful to all others in attendance. 
  • There will be absolutely no touching, except among families. 
  • Service participants will be dismissed by row and will immediately exit the building as directed by the ushers through the appropriate exit doors. 
  • There will be absolutely no congregating in the foyer before or after service. 
  • Prayer time will be in our seats. 
  • Online services will continue for those who are not ready to get out. 
  • For our precious members who are 65 years of age or older we strongly recommend you stay home for now. 
  • Stay home if you are sick, have a fever, have had a fever in the past 14 days or fall in the “at-risk” category or if you don’t feel comfortable coming back just yet. 
  • Church doors will open at 9:45 am. 
  • Masks are strongly recommended to be worn at all times with the exception of those on the platform.  If you have a mask, bring it. If you do NOT already have a mask and would like one, please message us. 
  • Please limit the use of bathrooms to one person at a time if possible. 
  • Please wash your hands before you come to church and sanitize your hands as you enter and exit the building. 
  • We will have offering collection boxes inside both sanctuary entrances for those who choose to give by cash or check. Online giving is encouraged. 
All of these guidelines are designed to protect the health and safety of our church members and guests. We will ease these guidelines as soon as safely possible. Pray for Pastor and our Victory leaders as they make challenging decisions. These guidelines were compiled from guidelines provided by the President’s COVID-19 Task Force, the Governor’s guidelines, and many other health related and church related resources, as well as by several leading UPC churches in Oklahoma.
Gathering together, even while maintaining distance, carries health risks in these times. Victory Worship Center is not responsible if you contract an illness from visiting our premises.