SURGE 2016 is still ongoing! Yes, Victory experienced a mighty surge in the Spirit during the weekend of October 9-11! However, we are still expecting God to show up and show out for the remaining weeks of 2016! 
Every time the church family comes together, God is continuing to HEAL people of pain, sickness, diseases, emotional distress and hurt, etc. God is providing jobs for people and blessing people with the Spirit of Goshen on a daily basis. 
During the SURGE weekend, we had 31 Holy Ghost baptisms, 13 water baptisms in Jesus name and over 100 notable miracles. We think that God is awesomely amazing to LOVE us so much that He does COOL & AMAZING stuff for His people like that! 
That’s just one of the many reasons why our church family gets a little crazy praise going on all throughout the Sunday Celebration Worship services at 10 am each Sunday!
We completely believe our GOD is…
a Deliverer
Strong Tower
Strength in times of weakness
the only Savior
Our Redeemer 
and our Friend! 
You are invited to JOIN our church family in continuing the SURGE for 2016!
We’d be sad if you missed what God is up to in North-Central OKLAHOMA! 
Blessings to you & yours…

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